i won’t let this meme die

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hooray for the ladies


who are using their fame


to get shit done


(not intended to be a complete list)

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Rushed to scribble after watching the final ep! pouring out feelings

Otsukare Free!ES!!  ( nஇωஇ n) Thank you for the best summer Wednesdays! Now begins our ETERNAL SUMMER. 

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"actually, that looks like a lot of fun."

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> Just Kageyama ╮(─▽─)╭

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My mom is watching Game of Thrones and she just said in the saddest voice, “Poor Salsa” and doesn’t get why I keep laughing.

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Just finished Zankyou no Terror.. ugh.. right in the fucking feels.
I’m going to miss this show so much, but i’m pretty satisfied with the way it ended. Even though it was only 11 episodes they wrapped everything up very nicely.

A beautiful, tragic, bittersweet end.